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Journey to Greatness

Autumn Self

Breaking Barriers

Update: The Wolfpack will celebrate its historic season at the Belltower on Monday, April 18 at 8pm! Road closures will begin at 6pm.

The Wolfpack is making history as both the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams from NC State secure their spots in the coveted Final Four. It’s a moment of pride, passion, and sheer determination as our beloved teams showcase their skill, resilience, and unwavering spirit on the national stage. 🏆 

Community United in Celebration

Across Raleigh and beyond, the city comes alive with excitement and anticipation as we come together to celebrate our teams’ historic achievements. At the heart of NC State, Hillsborough Street is boasting with support for our Wolfpack! From watch parties and pep rallies to spontaneous cheers echoing through the streets, the sense of pride and unity is exhilarating as we rally behind our Wolfpack heroes! Join the community as we celebrate this historic achievement and rally behind the Pack as they continue their dancing journey! 💃🕺

Pack Parties on Hillsborough Street❤️🖤🤍

Mitch's Tavern

For the women's Final Four on Friday night, gather at Mitch's Tavern to see the historic run continue (tipoff at 7pm). Then, watch the men's Final Four magic happen in the heart of our district as Mitch's is hosting a watch party on Saturday, April 6 starting at 5pm. The street will be blocked off from Brooks Avenue to Oberlin for the watch party, which will take place between Horne & Chamberlain. There will be =a large screen projector for the community to tune in to the Men's Final Four Game vs Purdue at 6PM on April 6. Specials and good times are guaranteed so don't miss out on history in the making! ⛹️‍♂️

Of note: The watch party on Saturday runs 5pm-11pm from Horne to Chamberlain while the road closures are from Brooks to Enterprise starting at 2pm & will extend to Oberlin if the need arises (like rushing a Belltower). Please be mindful and consider alternate transportation options!

Raleigh Brewing Company 

Get into the spirit with the Red Brew Special at Raleigh Brewing Company - with both Men's and Women's games playing in the Taproom for their Final Four Watch Party! Prizes, trivia, games, music, and more beer specials will be available starting at 5:30PM on April 5 and at 4PM on April 6. 


Red Line Raleigh 

Check out Redline's Final Four Viewing Party Friday @ 7PM and Saturday @ 6PM! 

Watch Party Specials! 🍻

  • $3 PBR 
  • $4 Domestics 
  • $4 Fireball Shots 
  • $5 Mystery Craft Pints
  • $5 Sparkling Champagne + House Wine 

The Players' Retreat

One of the OG places to support the Pack, the Players' Retreat is ready to flooded with the Red & White for all the games this weekend. They'll have the TVs on, the beer flowing, the crystal-clear laser projectors projecting and the fresh food coming - just make sure if you're going in a group, everyone is there when you're ready to be seated. Or not - they'll help you make new State fan friends!

Penn Station

Don't miss out on their $4.44 Sub Promotion - running from April 5 - April 9! 🥪

Whether you’ve been following along or new to the game, NC State Athletics are breaking barriers that you don’t want to miss out on. This is not only a win for the school, but for the community as a whole. So come be a part of the magic here and check out the street this weekend, support local businesses, and back the Pack as our teams’ seize the moment this March! GO PACK!🏀