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About Us

The Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation (HSCSC) is an independent, not for profit, municipal service district that began providing services and programs in the fall of 2010. The district was created by the City of Raleigh in partnership with N.C. State University and the property owners, merchants and residents on and around Hillsborough Street.

The HSCSC territory is a 3-mile long corridor that runs on both sides of Hillsborough Street, from St. Mary’s School to Meredith College and the I440 Beltline (including Morgan St., a few side streets and connections with Cameron Village).  The territory includes a diverse collection of businesses, organizations, institutions and residential options. 

We support an equitable and inclusive community, enabling all people to participate and reach their full potential.  We believe in promoting equitable access and opportunity, recognizing the need to address systemic and institutional inequities, especially in matters of race.  We recognize that to achieve our vision, we must lead our sector in making the changes we want to see in society. 

HSCSC annually provides a range of services and programs that help to make the Hillsborough Street community a better place to live, work, play, shop, dine, learn and visit, including: cleaning, security, beautification, marketing and communications, economic development, special events and tourism, planning and advocacy, parking and transportation, research, arts and community.