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District Reauthorization and Expansion

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The City of Raleigh has contracted with the Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation (HSCSC), aka Live It Up! Hillsborough Street, an independent non-profit organization, to manage the the Hillsborough Street Municipal Service District (MSD).

The district was created by the Raleigh City Council on July 1, 2009, reauthorized in June 2014, and again in June 2015. On June 16, 2015, Raleigh City Council voted unanimously to expand the district and include both Oberlin Road and Enterprise Street north to Clark Avenue. Click the map above to zoom in/out on the current district boundary.

You can read about the plan for reauthorization/expansion in more detail by going here: Reauthorization/Expansion Plan

BID Assessment Rate

The existing HSCSC BID assessment rate is 15 cents per $100 in value.

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Jeff Murison, executive director, 919-800-0135 ext. 1.