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Krispy Kreme Challenge 2020

 What is the Krispy Kreme Challenge?

The Krispy Kreme Challenge dates back to December 2004, and what started as a dare among ten NC State undergraduates soon became a nationally publicized charity race. After sophomore Ben Gaddy completed the race in 34 minutes and 27 seconds that one legendary day in December 2004, the challenge received positive coverage from local and national media. The challenge soon transformed into the number one tradition to complete before graduating from North Carolina State University. Not only does the event serve as a place to bring people together from all over the country, but it also supports an important cause along the way.


KKC's Mission

Since its beginning, the organizers of the Krispy Kreme Challenge has been proud to support the UNC Children's Hospital. Last year's race boasted more than five thousand runners, leading to a $190,000 donation, making them UNC Children's Hospital's largest unrestricted donor. 



When and Where?

2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, 1 hour. On February 1st, 2020, participants will gather at the NCSU Memorial Belltower to begin the challenge. Participants will then travel 2.5 miles to the Krispy Kreme located at the intersection of Peace and Person Streets, which is where the real challenge begins. Runners competing in the challenger category will then attempt to consume a dozen original glazed doughnuts before running the 2.5 miles back to the Memorial Belltower. Are you ready to take on this challenge!?


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