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Invest In Yourself This Holiday Season

Autumn Self

Ringing in the new year can also ring in a lot of unavoidable stressors during the holidays. While we all love our families (most of the time), this season can create a lot of pressures for everyone. Between travel plans, gatherings to attend, and too many commitments to count, it can quickly have you putting your self-care on the back burner. 

5 Quick Ways to Practice Self-Care! 

Grab a drink with Friends πŸ»

Find a new favorite brew or decadent wine at Red Line!

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Get your Body Moving πŸ§˜β€β™‚️

Try out pilates at Remedy Movement, or take reignite your love of bike rides at Cycle Logic! 

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Look Good, Feel Good πŸ’†

Treat yourself this season by stopping by Meraki Salon or AB Threading & Spa to get you prepared for the holidays!

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Find a tasty holiday treat πŸ§

The holidays call for seasonal flavors! Check out Cha House or Moge Tee this season to get your tasty fix! 

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Read a New book πŸ“š

Spend some of your free time this holiday season cozied up with a new book From Reader's Corner to give your mind a well-deserved break! 

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Be proactive and find something that will serve you this season! Be kind and give yourself a break. Find your balance, no matter how hectic the festivities may get! 

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