#ShopSmall on Hillsborough Street!

Support small businesses when you shop and dine small this holiday season.

When small businesses thrive, we all thrive! To help ensure their success, American Express officially launched Small Business Saturday in 2010. Since its inception, U.S. customers have spent an estimated $85 billion at independent retailers and restaurants across the country on these Saturdays alone. And here in the Hillsborough Street district, we have plenty of local business owners ready to make sure your holiday season is the best it can be...or any other time of the year! 

Need another reason to #ShopSmall? Check out the stories of some of our small business owners here in the Hillsborough Street district!


The Green Monkey 1217 Hillsborough Street

“I absolutely love to shop. One of my passions was shopping and researching new products, and the reason we decided to do the shop the way we did, the gift shop & the neighborhood bar, is because I wanted to create a totally different shopping experience for the monkey fans. I wanted a place where everyone would feel welcome, but it would be centered around socializing and not just a product or not just a bar. We get asked a lot of times about why we just don't do one or the other? But I say then we would just be like everybody else. What we wanted was a social shopping experience and so we knew we needed a bar to do that and I am happy to say that we just celebrated our 5th year anniversary so something is working. I truly enjoy my business and one of my top priorities is making sure every monkey fan that comes through that door leaves a little happier than they came.” 

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Cycle Logic 1211 Hillsborough Street

“It started when I came to NC State for college, and I got rid of my car and I started riding around. I started enjoying riding on bikes and realized that this is a really cool way to do life. So, I came into this exact store when I was 17, and I said that I will work for free because I truly just wanted to learn about the cycling industry. The owner at the time still paid me, I worked for almost 2 years here back then, and the wisdom he gave me in those years taught me a lot. After a few years, I came back and now I’m the co-owner of this store. It’s amazing to see how Hillsborough Street has developed so much over time, and it’ll be more important to ride bikes because the density of the cars is already at the point where it just can’t keep going like that. So, it’s cool to be a part of informing the city of how it’s possible to commute instead of driving. Plus, It’s one of the jobs that make people generally happy. It’s not like the dentist, it’s a bike shop and people who come in really enjoy riding a bike, so it’s a great way to spend my time and make a living, because I like to fix things and the social aspect is really nice. I enjoy just connecting and getting to know people, because if I am here just for a transaction, then there’s no difference between being a credit card scanner and a person. So, for me, just hearing about what college students are studying or listening to the retired people telling me about the trips they’re gonna take and just getting an idea how the bike comes into their whole life is always interesting and that’s what makes it so fun.” 

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Jasmin & Olivz Mediterranean 2430 Hillsborough Street & 3801 Hillsborough Street

“My father first started this Mediterranean business back in 2005. At that time HillsboroughSstreet had no healthy options because that’s what people thought students wanted but my dad had a different vision, he knew people would prefer healthier options. And it turned out to be perfect for the students and everyone loves it. Our brand is family oriented, Mediterranean food is what we grew up on and that’s what makes it the best thing, because that encourages us to just keep pushing. Coming to work and seeing everyone enjoying your food just keeps you going, they are our biggest supporters and motivators. I believe that it’s not the money that will take you somewhere, it's people’s appreciation and your army of family and customers that help you succeed.”

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