My name is Jakob Markham, and I am a rising senior at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. I am majoring in political science and philosophy, and I am also minoring in a new field called political science, philosophy, and economics (PPE). I have focused my education in the fields of law, politics, and economics as I am planning on attending law school after graduation from Virginia Tech. 

I was originally born and raised in Halifax County, Virginia, which is very close to the border of North Carolina and Virginia (just north of Roxboro NC). Although I am not a North Carolina resident, my family has always vacationed in Emerald Isle, which is an island on the Outer Banks. Aside from vacationing, growing up in Halifax, my family and friends would often visit the Raleigh area for special occasions such as birthdays, sporting events, and shopping. The Raleigh area quickly became a destination that I believed would fit my lifestyle. For this reason, I am looking forward to becoming involved with the Raleigh community for the Summer of 2018, and living it up on Hillsborough Street!