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Cyclists of many kinds traverse Hillsborough Street every day. The guide below provides an introduction to bike-friendly features.

Recognizing the popularity of biking as an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, the street's Phase I and Phase II renovations were designed with cyclists in mind.

Bike Lanes

When the most densely populated portion of Hillsborough Street was streamlined from four driving lanes to two driving lanes, a median was added along the center of the street and parking lanes were added on both sides of the street in most locations. These extra-wide parking lanes have two main purposes: to allow maneuvering space for parallel parking and to allow space for cyclists to ride alongside traffic. As such, cyclists traveling in the parking lane will need to be aware of out-swinging car doors by parked vehicles. Given the reduced traffic speed on the street, many cyclists will also feel comfortable riding in the driving lane with vehicles. Cyclists are encouraged to stay off of the sidewalk in an effort to maintain a safe environment for pedestrians.

Hillsborough Street Bike Racks

Bike racks have been installed along the north (business) side of the street for easy bike parking while riders are visiting businesses. Cyclists are encouraged to use approved locks and to not leave their bikes on the street overnight.

Bikes on NC State Campus

NC State also provides many bike racks on campus for use by students, staff, and visitors. Permits are not needed for bikes on campus. However, NC State Transportation recommends that campus cyclists register their bikes for free online. This allows the owner to be contacted in the case that a bike is stolen and recovered. Registering also helps us the university to plan adequate bike facilities. For added security, Campus Police can also engrave driver's license numbers on bikes.