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Kids Zone Performers

The Kids Zone Stage will feature performers of all different specialties and activities of all different kinds that are sure to provide enjoyment for the whole family.


 Jeghetto the Puppeteer

“Puppetry Is A High Art. It's Like Composing a Symphony in 3D” – Jeghetto

Self-taught artist Tarish Pipkins, also known as Jeghetto, has been creating from a young age. When he worked with BridgeSpotters Collective in the 90’s, he became known for his live paintings and poetry. Now he uses his creative talent to craft puppets and performs with them to connect with and educate children. He uses interesting materials such as PPC Pipe, wood, and even old pants to craft his puppets.

Most recently, Jeghetto worked with Missy Elliot on her music video, WTF (Where They From), controlled the Pharell puppet in the video and did some puppet building as well. Jeghetto also worked on the Amazon Echo commercial that featured Missy Elliott and Alec Baldwin as puppets.


Rolling Mat Yoga

Stephanie Mitchell, a yoga teacher and entrepreneur, founded The Rolling Mat in an effort to pursue her passions and inspire others through “movement, breath, and mental clarity.” She will be leading FREE yoga classes throughout the day during Spring Fest. Mitchell often travels to lead group and private lessons including Detox Flow, Slow Flow, and Restorative and Meditation. She also teaches yoga classes for corporations, takes part in yoga related special events, and offers nutrition advice along with teaching. Mitchell is active on Facebook, Instagram, and her blog, sharing a range of videos, pictures, recipes, and positive content.



Raleigh Little Theatre Players – Presenting A Mother Goose Comedy

Actors from Raleigh Little Theatre will be performing part of A Mother Goose Comedy. The play focuses on the retired Mother Goose who is living in Mother Goose Resort Spa staying active, receiving tweets and letters from kids all over the world asking where she got the ideas for her nursery rhymes. Through comedy sketches and some audience participation, Mother Goose explains how her nursery rhyme characters came to be!


Elsa and Friends

Elsa and Anna will be performing live music from Frozen and will be available to interact and take pictures with the kids!


Suzuki Strings

After thinking about how children learn to speak their native language naturally and effortlessly, violinist and teacher Shinichi Suzuki developed the “Suzuki Method. The method teaches children how to learn and play music by applying the concepts of language development. Suzuki believed that every child could be taught to play an instrument, and a group of children taught by the Suzuki Method will be performing live on the Kids Zone Stage.


Traveling Tortoise

Making science education fun for children everywhere, the Traveling Tortoise gives kids the opportunity to interact and learn about reptiles, amphibians, insects and other animals from all over the world. A licensed wildlife professional travels with the group and entertains the children while also teaching them about the different animals.