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Super Hero Spotlight - Anthony, University Cuts

Meet Anthony McDowell, the owner of University Cuts!

"My barbershop means everything to me - I've been doing this for over 30 years. We are a reliable resource for the community - a place where folks can rely on not just getting a hair cut, but catching up on the news, seeing friends and being together." ~ Anthony

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite colors: black & red
  • Shop mascot: Red Incredible Hulk crushing barber pole
  • Celebrity connection: Anthony once cut Lebron James' hair while they both were in Akron

University Cuts is a new-age barbershop that will leave you looking and feeling your best! And, as a bonus option, you can order a customized tailored suit while you're there.

Superhero (ˈsü-pər-ˌhir-(ˌ)ō) -  an exceptionally skillful or successful person; one exhibiting extraordinary powers

Small business owners, especially women and/or BIPOC, have to exhibit extraordinary skill to survive & thrive. We're celebrating our local superheros - Minority and Women Business Owners who show up for their teams, their customers and their community every day.

Follow along on social media to see the latest superhero features or visit our Super Hero page to see all the artwork released so far!

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