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Tasty Tuesday: Arby's

By Javier Leandro, Communications Intern

This week’s Tasty Tuesday is a trip to the restaurant with the most recognizable cowboy hat: Arby’s. I had never been to an Arby’s before, so I thought all they served was roast beef sandwiches, but it turns out they have more to offer than just that.

Walking into the restaurant, the employees are friendly and greet you with a big smile. Right off the bat, I like that the inside of this restaurant had a large front counter area so that customers aren't crammed while waiting for their order or filling their drink cup. Also, the level of cleanliness was strong, making it an inviting space to hang out in.

Once I took a look at their menu, I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of entrees I could choose from outside of their classic roast beef. I selected their Buttermilk Chicken Bacon & Swiss sandwich meal and it was incredibly tasty! I knew I had to taste their iconic curly fries, which I also really enjoyed. I couldn’t pass up on the mozzarella sticks on their menu, so I also added those to my order.

Overall, my first experience at Arby’s was pretty good. They’re located in a convenient location on Hillsborough Street and they’ve got a pretty large sitting area that can accommodate a group of friends if needed. If ever you should want a good bite to eat, visit them at 3415 Hillsborough St.