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Tasty Tuesday: Cha House

By Carrie Nguyen, Spring 2020 Intern


Are you a boba lover? Do you want a gorgeous relaxing area with free wifi to study in? If you answered "yes!" to either of those questions, you should definitely make Cha House your new go-to for an amazing quality cup of boba (bubble tea) and a loungeable space for some studying!


The gorgeous interior

As a dedicated boba lover, I am always on a mission to discover new bubble tea shops in the area. When I heard that Cha House was opening up a location so close to school, I was obviously very excited! Cha House is not an unfamiliar name within the boba lover community. They have long had a great reputation on Franklin Street, attracting many students at UNC Chapel Hill who make Cha House their destination for a relaxing and quality study time. Ever since their opening in November, Cha House has already gained a substantial number of loyal customers from the NC State student body. With stunning interior design and free wifi (who doesn't love free wifi!?), many NC State students have made Cha House their new study corner (myself included).


The lovely staff

Of course, I cannot forget to mention the lovely staff members at Cha House. They make it a mission to serve every customer and guest with a big smile on their faces. They always make sure to get your order correct, and they will promptly bring your drinks/snacks to you if the store is not too crowded. They will also gladly help you with your options if you're new to this whole boba tea scene! And did I mention, they offer free parking!?  The atmosphere is so welcoming every time you come, you will surely not be disappointed.


The best part: The drinks and the food!

Cha House offers various types of milk tea, fruit teas, toppings and savory Taiwanese snacks like popcorn chicken! Their tea is directly imported from Nantou, Taiwan, and is brewed to perfection every 3 hours. I could not decide which milk tea to go with, so the lovely staff suggested that I should try their popular Taro Milk Tea. I also ordered their popcorn chicken because Taiwanese popcorn chicken is my absolute favorite snack! The Taro Milk Tea was amazing, their boba topping was so soft and I could definitely tell that they were freshly made. The popcorn chicken was seasoned just right, with a hint of spicy for that tingling sensation. Their teas are customizable, so if you do not have a sweet tooth like me, you could adjust the sugar level to your liking! The also have a little corner where they provide you with compostable utensils and sauces to go with your snacks. 

I enjoy my time at Cha House every visit, and I think you will too! Cha House is open from 10AM-9PM every day of the week, so stop by and grab your fave drink/snack today!