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Tasty Tuesday: Checker's Pizza & Subs

Hayes Boone, Spring 2020 Intern


This week I decided to spend my lunch hour at the famous Checker’s Pizza & Subs right across from UT and Stanhope apartments. Checker’s has quite the variety of menu items to choose from, such as pizza, wings, subs, calzones & strombolis, and out of this world Mediterranean food. If you are looking for an Italian lunch spot or a place to feed your late night cravings, Checker’s is the spot for you. 




As I have tried the pizza and wings many times, I asked for something new for lunch this week and was not disappointed. I ordered a Shawarma Sandwich, which is specially-seasoned chicken served on tortilla bread with homemade creamy garlic sauce, sweet pickles, tomatoes and chopped parsley. This also comes with a side of hummus and tortilla slices. When you first bite into the sandwich, you get all the flavor from the seasoning that the chef says is his own blend, followed by the sweet taste of the pickles that do not have the normal “twangy” taste most pickles have. The tomatoes and chopped parsley create a freshness in the sandwich that really pulls together all the ingredients for a smooth finish. Dipping the sandwich in the homemade garlic sauce will not leave your neighbor wishing they could give you a breath mint, but rather adds a smooth and subtle flavor that boosts the seasoned chicken even more. As I am a huge fan of well-made hummus, the side is also drizzled with olive oil to further the Mediterranean vibe of the meal. 

The staff at Checker's creates a family atmosphere. The two men behind the counter were just as nice as they could be and were very helpful in helping me choose a meal. When I explained that I had experienced their amazing pizza & wings but wanted to try something new, the man behind the counter smiled and made the suggestion of the Shawarma Sandwich. There was another customer in the restaurant also eating the Shawarma and, when I spoke to him, said that he had been at an event catered by Checker’s the week before and was not leaving town until he had another bite of this specialty. As my food was brought out to me, the staff asked if there was anything else I needed and made sure I was comfortable. When I told the chef how awesome the meal was, he said “It always warms my heart to hear that my food is good to people.” 

There are a few ways to get some good deals at Checker’s Pizza & Subs! The first includes NCSU students getting 15% off the regular-menu price during lunch hours. However, if you cannot make it to Checker’s during the lunch hour, don’t worry - they have daily pizza specials for the ones who decide to sleep through lunch. There are six specials that are put on daily and can be seen in the picture to the right. Lastly, they have a small incentive to customers who pay in cash. A 4% customer service charge is applied to all store sales but to those who pay cash, the service fee is eliminated.

So next time you need a pizza fix (perhaps for National Pizza Day on Feb. 9?) or are craving some Mediterranean flavor, stop by Checker’s Pizza & Subs!



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