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Tasty Tuesday: Golden Dragon

Kate Gray

Golden Dragon is the go-to spot for a quick Chinese fix, whether you're in a rush or looking to unwind over lunch with friends. Conveniently located just across the street from NC State's main campus, this restaurant offers budget-friendly lunch specials at only $7.29 and an enticing array of daily specials.

As a devoted fan of Chinese cuisine, Golden Dragon never fails to satisfy my cravings. During my recent visit with a friend, we found ourselves torn between choices, so we opted to share two meals. The shrimp lo mein stood out with its delightful flavors, and the shrimp were impeccably cooked. The Sweet and Sour Chicken boasted a perfect breading-to-chicken ratio, and the thoughtful touch of serving the sauce on the side accommodated our differing sauce preferences.

Golden Dragon caters to every taste bud, offering an extensive selection that includes various vegetarian options. Capping off our meal with the customary fortune cookie ritual added a fun touch, though I'll refrain from sharing our fortunes for fear of tempting fate. Conveniently, we could pack up and stroll across the street, ensuring we made it to our afternoon classes on time.

The versatility of Golden Dragon makes it a top choice for any dining occasion. Whether you're seeking a satisfying lunch with their fantastic specials, a hearty dinner, or a late-night snack (they're open until 11 pm on weekends), this restaurant is a must-try. The next time you find yourself indecisive about where to dine, I highly recommend giving Golden Dragon a shot!

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