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Tasty Tuesday: HieuBowl

Author: Carrie Nguyen, Spring Intern 2020

This week, for our Tasty Tuesday series, we arrive at HieuBowl Vietnamese Kitchen for a fulfilling lunch. I highly recommend everyone to come have a taste for yourself here, they offer so much more than just Pho and banh mi! 

 Restaurant Space that is Appealing to Casual Diners of All Ages

HieuBowl offers a spacious dining area for their customers and options to order from their kiosks, at the counter or online. That means you can avoid awkward interactions between you and the cashier if you would prefer to! At the kiosk, you will first pick the option to dine-in or take your food to go, then a menu will promptly pop up. You can also customize your order with extra add-ins or opt out of certain ingredients! HieuBowl really is a fast casual restaurant, you will get your order within 5-7 minutes of ordering, and the folks behind the counter are wonderful. If your order happens to take a little longer, they make sure to thank you for your patience and are always smiling. 


Fresh, Flavorful and Hefty Food Portions

If you see this bowl of BBQ Pork Vermicelli bowl right here and tell me it does not look gorgeous, you are lying. This bowl doesn't just look good, it also tastes phenomenal! The vegetables were fresh, the pork was incredibly tender with the perfect combination of sweet and salty. To top it off, the sauce that came with the bowl just made everything so much better. It is up to you to decide what kind of sauce you want to accompany your meal, I picked the fish sauce option to stay true to the dish.





Plenty of Beverage Options

HieuBowl offers a variety of beverages: coffee, tea, and of course, boba! If you're like me and you need a little extra energy on a gloomy day, a cup of Vietnamese Iced Coffee will not fail you. The coffee is so strong and has such a distinct flavor, it is sure to have you asking for more! I also encourage you to try out their Honey Dew and Thai Tea boba, they are amazing! If you don't believe me, you can read up on some Yelp and Google reviews talking about how awesome these beverages are.

HieuBowl opens Monday-Saturday from 11AM-10PM, come by and check them out soon. I promise you will not be disappointed!