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Tasty Tuesday: Liquid State

By Anna Beth McCormick, Communications and Marketing Intern

With summer right around the corner, there is nothing as refreshing as cooling off in a coffee shop to get some work done or to meet up with friends. Liquid State, located just off the Hillsborough Street/Oberlin Road intersection, has the perfect inviting environment and unique coffee, beer and wine selection sto help you escape from the summer heat and to satisfy just about any drink craving you can imagine!

Complete with natural light, internet access and plenty of indoor & outdoor seating, Liquid State has an inviting atmosphere ideal for camping out or a quick stop in. One of their stand out offerings beyond their menu is the “share a table w/ me” table piece available at the register. This option creates a welcoming environment and overcomes the classic problem of having “no place to sit” when there are vacant spots at occupied tables.

All of the staff was incredibly friendly and attentive, giving each customer the best experience every time they stop in. This careful customer service also gave me enough time to read over the menu without feeling rushed.

When I stopped in, the shop was alive with people at every table, some of which sported the signature “share a table w/ me" marker. The positive energy radiating from the customers hard at work on laptops and out socializing with friends instantly brightened my day. I decided to try something new and ordered the Thai Iced Coffee with a classic blueberry muffin. This pour-over style beverage was sweet and refreshing in the warm weather and an excellent combination with the fresh homemade muffin. Classic drinks such as a Cold Brew, Americano and a Cafe Mocha are among their other coffee beverages.

The bar also features six rotating taps with a variety of local beers. Some of the current feature taps include Trophy Cloud Surfer Modern IPA and Southern Pines Partisan Rock Russian Imperial Stout, both of which are local to NC! There is something unique for every beer drinker between the on-tap selection and the broad spectrum of over 30 cans and bottles.

The wine selection is just as diverse and offers over 20 different bottles. Liquid State focuses on offering lesser-known varietals from small producers and customers can enjoy 30% of any of these bottles when they order it to-go. This wide selection will guarantee you a different flavorful experience with each visit.

For the non-coffee drinkers, Liquid State offers an “Alternative Solutions” menu. Among these options include 22-varieties of loose-leaf tea, Italian soda, five different smoothie flavors and local Kombucha. Whatever time of day you decide to stop in, there is sure to be something for everyone! 

Liquid State hosts private event rentals that are ideal for birthdays, engagements and company holiday parties. Additionally, their events calendar features new and free experiences for customers. Be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page and website calendar for upcoming drink specials and public events. These events can also be found under Events Calendar on the Live it Up Hillsborough website.