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Tasty Tuesday - Mitch's Tavern


It's Tuesday once again and you know what that means! February has come and gone, we went through a weird month of fluctuating weather, and it's Spring Break season for all students. What better place to chill with friends after mid-term week than at Mitch's Tavern?

The atmosphere was cozy and the service was welcoming. Mitch's has been open on Hillsborough since 1974, making it a staple for many alumni and current students! It has a long history with Hillsborough and it reflects that with vintage and unique characteristics. Though it has a vintage feel, it also has modern amenities including T.V's where State fans can go to cheer on the Pack while enjoying a variety of different foods.

I ordered the Taco special of the day and the Fried Green Tomato and Pimento Cheese sandwich.


The bar scene is just as popular as the food, and the combination of food, drinks, and atmosphere make for a great night out!

-Sarah Ferguson, Business Intern

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