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Tasty Tuesday: Peking Duck & Dumplings

By Emma Berg, Communications Intern

Peking Duck and Dumpling offers an authentic Chinese menu for those looking for a savory, satisfying meal that doesn’t break the bank. They’re located at 2811 Hillsborough Street, which is walking distance from NC State’s main campus. The restaurant has a clean, minimalist look that lets the food speak for itself.

Their menu offers soup, stir fry, ramen, dim-sum and several other traditional Chinese dishes. Something on the menu that helps set them apart is their use of duck…hence the name. 

I decided to order a soup, which felt right on a cold December day. After checking out the menu, I settled on the Sichuan Wonton Soup, which is a spicy pork wonton dish. I knew I would be satisfied when the large red bowl appeared before me and I could smell the mixing of flavors. To no surprise, it tasted just as good as it looked with many dumplings floating in the delicious, spicy broth mixed with cabbage. This soup was extremely filling and really hit the spot!

The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere making it a great place to meet up with friends between class or on a lunch break from work. My group went and were met with a helpful wait staff willing to answer any questions about the menu. The service was quick and another perk of this restaurant is the complimentary sweet tea! 

Peking Duck and Dumpling is open for lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday. Grab your friends and head to this restaurant for your favorite familiar foods or to try something brand new.