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Tasty Tuesday: Pizza Hut

By Javier Leandro, Communications Intern


Today’s Tasty Tuesday goes to none other than our local Pizza Hut! Tucked in near the Rosemary/Shepherd roundabout, Pizza Hut is a great place to get a meal that won’t break the bank!

As a college student, I am always looking to save money wherever I can. Pizza Hut has some good deals that are just irresistible. They have options such as a medium 1-topping pizza, boneless wings, pasta, breadsticks, etc. for only $5 each! You could get together with some friends to share a meal and split the cost. The staff is really nice when you walk in to pick up your order.

With the warm weather coming soon, this makes it the perfect meal for a picnic with friends at the park. You can enjoy the nice weather while having a tasty meal. I decided to take my meal to a local park and sort of disconnect myself from my phone and just enjoy the scenic view and the warm, sunny weather.

I got a medium pepperoni pizza and an 8-piece boneless buffalo wing order. It’s enough food to eat for lunch and even have leftovers to heat up for dinner. Everything was freshly made and tasted fantastic. If you want to get a tasty meal for a good price, I really recommend Pizza Hut as a serious contender!


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