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Tasty Tuesday: Players Retreat

Kate Gray

Are you craving a delightful and satisfying meal without breaking the bank? Look no further than Players Retreat, a cherished establishment near North Carolina State University since 1951! Their self-description captures it best: "Less of a bar and restaurant, and more of a family, the Players Retreat is a popular haven for both the young and old, the affluent and the modest."

Ideal for lunch, dinner, and gatherings with friends and family, make sure to visit Players Retreat the next time you find yourself without tickets to cheer for your favorite team in action! With an abundance of screens, it's a great place to make new friends or bring your own while enjoying the game with a community vibe.

During my visit with my best friend, we received recommendations from two different staff members, both praising their two favorite items on the menu. And rightly so, as the food exceeded our expectations! Treating ourselves to a midday delight, we ordered the Sriracha Chicken fried chicken sandwich and the Korean Burger, both accompanied by their homemade potato chips and ranch — a perfect complement to the already scrumptious meals.

The Sriracha Chicken sandwich boasted an impeccable flavor profile, with the honey sriracha sauce standing out as a personal favorite. I've always enjoyed adding a spicy honey kick to sandwiches, pizzas, or even as a side dip, and Players Retreat nailed it. Meanwhile, my friend was smitten with the Korean Burger, declaring that she must bring her parents to try it the next time they're in town. I'm eagerly anticipating my return to sample this second employee favorite for myself.

For those planning a weekend visit, I recommend arriving early as Players Retreat tends to be packed to the brim. However, rest assured that the food is absolutely worth any wait. If time is of the essence, drop by during the week and take your pick of indoor or outdoor seating, depending on the ambiance you desire.

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