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Tasty Tuesday: Raleigh French Bakery

By Caroline Cummings, Events Intern

Looking for the perfect sweet treat? Well look no further, because Raleigh French Bakery has you covered!


While previously located on Method Road and Cary Town Mall, it has found the perfect home on Hillsborough Street. Kader, the owner, had noticed that there were few French bakeries in the area and took it upon himself to open up one in the Raleigh area. Ever since, he has stayed busy with baking everything from a chocolate croissant to baguettes and even wedding cakes!


The store offers many different sponge cakes, ranging all the way from lemon and orange to the perfect dark chocolate. You’ll quickly notice the colorful seating inside goes hand in hand with the wide array of bright and vibrant sweets.

The customer service was quick and the staff was knowledgeable answering all the questions I had when deciding which dessert I was going to eat for breakfast. I went with a classic chocolate sponge cake, which I could either take to go or stay and eat. I decided to sit and enjoy my cake while people watching out the window. The detail in the icing was almost too pretty to eat but after the first couple of bites, I could easily see why my friends were raving about it. The cake was simple yet light, fluffy and delicious at the same time. All of the sponge cakes are housed in refrigerated glass cases to keep them moist and soft.

All in all - my short break there was delightful and peaceful, the perfect place for a quick morning bite or afternoon snack. Whether you’re a long time customer or just happen to stumble upon Raleigh French Bakery, you will not be disappointed!