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Tasty Tuesday: The Remedy Diner

Some of the best dining options on Hillsborough Street can be hidden gems you might not know about. This is how I find my favorite restaurants and I added to that list this week with my Tasty Tuesday destination, The Remedy Diner. This bright and happy restaurant located on Morgan Street specializes in a variety options and has boasted its excellent service of vegans, vegetarians and carnivores since 2009.

The Remedy Diner has an exciting atmosphere combining what you would expect out of a 1950’s movie diner embellished with unique artwork and menu options that accommodate every dietary lifestyle. Their team of friendly staff complete with upbeat Motown music playing in the background made my first-time experience at The Remedy Diner refreshing & satisfying.  

The Remedy Diner modifies diner classics to accommodate specific diets and lifestyles. Some of these standout menu options included Fried Vegan Chicken, Vegan Mac & Cheese and the Vegan Philly Fakesteak. Be sure to start off with an order of their award-winning Non-Chicken Wings as an appetizer. I'm sure you will want to try everything on the menu just like I did!

Today I decided on a vegetarian option called the Veggie Under the Volcano. This sandwich featured soy chicken tossed in a homemade vegan buffalo sauce smothered in gorgonzola, onion, lettuce and tomato on a Kaiser roll. I could have made substitutions and created a vegan version of this spicy sandwich. My server, Phil, was very knowledgeable about the different dietary accommodations that could be made to each dish, which is important for a restaurant as specialized as this one. 

If you live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle or you just want to experience a different type of food, check out The Remedy Diner this Tasty Tuesday for the best non-traditional diner experience in the area!