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Tasty Tuesday: Waffle House

By Mollie Lambrecht, Events Intern

For this week’s Tasty Tuesday, we headed down to a classic favorite, Waffle House, located on Hillsborough Street at the intersection with Beryl Rd. Waffle House is a well-known diner famous for their breakfast selection available all day long, every day.  Some defining characteristics include an open kitchen, cooked-to-order meals and a bright yellow logo that can be spotted from a distance. Waffle House is always a good pick, guaranteed to hit the spot whether its your first meal of the day or a late-night food stop.


I sat down at a booth, eager to order one of their various delicious breakfast combos. A very popular item on the menu is the All-Star meal, which includes just about every kind of breakfast food from a waffle to eggs, toast, grits or hash browns, and a choice of bacon or sausage. I wanted to stray away from the regular and try something on the menu that I haven’t been bold enough to get before.  


I decided on the hash brown bowl from the lunch and dinner menu since I’ve only had the breakfast items. This dish is made up of hash browns covered in melted cheese and topped with cheesesteak and grilled onions. And, of course, I also had to get coffee and a pecan waffle, which is one of my personal favorites. The pecans added a delightful flavor and crunch that paired well with a warm cup of coffee.


The staff was very personable with their positive attitudes, something that is sure to brighten your day. Kianna was very helpful and patient in taking my order, as I was very indecisive, and my food was in front of me within minutes. The other staff members and a friendly regular are pictured from left to right: George, Danika, Barz, Shameeka. 

Barz' dancing and singing in the kitchen made the Waffle House experience even better, spreading smiles and giggles throughout the whole restaurant. This is the place to go if you’re ever in need of a solid meal and good company, no matter what time of day.  Be sure to stop by Waffle House in celebration of National Egg Day and National Cheese Day this week!

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