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Tasty Tuesday: Hibachi & Company

Kate Gray

Hibachi & Company is the perfect place to go when you need quick, delicious food! They have affordable lunch and dinner options with enough food to save for two meals at least and have a great environment to stop in and grab a bite.

I have been a frequent customer of Hibachi & Company since the restaurant opened, but my favorite thing to get is the Hibachi Shrimp entree. The employees are always friendly and understanding of my request to switch the mushrooms for broccoli. Some of my other favorite items on the menu include the Hibachi Chicken entree and the Fried Gyoza Dumplings!

Every day of the week has different lunch specials and with a location right across the street from North Carolina State’s main campus, it is the perfect place for students to stop by between classes. Be careful though, you may end up eating so much you could have trouble staying awake in your next class. I also love the entree options to get double the meat or two or three different kinds of meat as well! On a day you can’t decide you can get the Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp or even the Chicken, Shrimp & Filet Hibachi Entree. Don’t worry though, there are also vegetarian options such as the Vegetable Hibachi and Teriyaki or the Vegetable Spring Rolls.

The first time I ate inside the restaurant I was so surprised to see how much seating they have in the back! I had no idea they had a second floor at first and it is the perfect place to sit when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main entrance.

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