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to support a vibrant, artistic and interesting Hillsborough Street community

Left: Morgan Street Monsters by Kevin Lyons (Trophy on Morgan) | Center: Skyline Crosswalk by Lindsey Barker and Ana Grzeck (Glenwood South) | Right: Color Pop Corner by Lisa Gaither (Marbles Kids Museum)


Who: open to Hillsborough Street community members, businesses & property owners

What: up to a $2,000 matching grant to support public-facing art on Hillsborough Street (can be used for outdoor murals, art installations, public space activations, interactive displays, etc. – creativity and legality being the only limits).

When: submit your application online (link below). Grants will be awarded on a quarterly basis until all funds budgeted for that fiscal year have been awarded- first come, first serve.

Where: funds limited for use on Hillsborough St. (and adjoining side streets) between I-440 and West Morgan St. See map below for further clarity of the eligible area.

How: submit an idea or interest in hosting public art on your property online (link below). Recipients will be selected and awarded on a quarterly basis at the discretion of staff with help from the Hillsborough Street Arts, Culture & Recreation committee. Competitive projects will maximize community impact and be an efficient use of available funds.

Why: to support a vibrant, artistic and interesting Hillsborough Street community.

The Fine Print: Hillsborough Street (HSCSC) will fund up to 50% of the total cost of the project- grant funds per project not to exceed $2,000. Grant funds will be paid upon completion of the project, after all project expenses have been incurred and with submission of proper documentation of expenses. Eligible project expenses must occur after pre-approval of grant funding. The other 50%+ of the project cost may be funded through personal funds, sponsorship, the City of Raleigh's Façade Grant program*, other means or any combination of the above examples.




*Note: it is highly recommended that applicants review and consider applying for the City of Raleigh’s Façade Grant program in conjunction with or as a part of this Hillsborough Street Public Art Grant application. If the criteria for both grants are simultaneously met there is the potential to be fully reimbursed for all project costs.

Still have questions? Want more info? Call or email Katrina Gomez, Events & Engagement Specialist, for more information. | 919.800.0135 ext.6

Eligible area for Public Art Grant funded projects.