Brittany Lewis

Events & Placemaking Specialist

Brittany Santiago-Lewis joined Live It Up! Hillsborough Street in March 2022 as the Events and Placemaking Specialist.

In her role, Brittany facilitates event programming to promote engagement with Hillsborough Street stakeholders, including merchants, property owners, residents and students.

As a biracial woman coming from an inner city community, many of her efforts focus on promoting a safe, innovative place to educate, entertain and create on a consistent basis.

Over the last decade, she has built her experience in curating artistic experiences for North Carolina small business owners through her own small business, helping them to increase revenue and exposure with events, block parties, vendor markets and more.

Brittany largely recognizes God and Wake Technical Community College for playing a role in her success. In her spare time, Brittany enjoys teaching, learning and traveling with her four kids.