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Tasty Tuesday: Wings Over Raleigh

By Javier Leandro, Communications Intern


This week for Tasty Tuesday, we are taking a trip a few blocks down the road to Wings Over Raleigh. This is a neat place that I had yet to visit, but my roommates love the food.

The location of Wings Over Raleigh is perfect because it’s accessible to both students and professionals alike. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, which is awesome for large groups when the weather is nice. Walking into the restaurant, they’re menu is located on the wall right next to their registers so you can take a look at all that they offer.

After looking over their killer menu, I decided to get their DC-3 Boneless Wings with Spicy Teriyaki sauce and an order of their classic waffle fries. Their wings were so juicy and the sauce had just the right amount of kick.

I would definitely be back and next time I will bring my friends. It’s a great hangout spot and they’re open late, which is a huge plus.


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