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Tasty Tuesday: Zaxby's

By Danielle Wyckoff, Spring 2020 Intern


Zest! Zeal! Zaxby's!

This week I was able to venture out to Zaxby's on Hillsborough Street for a rainy day pick-me-up, and Zaxby's did not disappoint! Since re-opening in 2017, this Zaxby's location has thrived as a fast food hot spot for students, locals and anyone stopping by for a quick bite to eat.


I ordered my new favorite meal, the Kickin' Chicken Sandwich meal. This sandwich is no joke and has made me one of Zaxby's biggest fans with its "tongue torch sauce" and ranch dressing delicately poured over chicken tenders between two pieces of buttery Texas toast. There is so much flavor in every bite you might start to wonder why you have never tried this before! And don't worry about the "tongue torch sauce" if you're afraid of food being too spicy - each meal comes with a "Tongue Torch Sauce Extinguisher" & free refills for dine-in customers. 

 Everything, down to the fries and drink choices, screams flavor and options. The seasoned crinkle cut fries have just the right ratio of crispness and softness, and the customizable Coca-Cola drink machine allows you to create unheard of concoctions such as Raspberry Ginger Ale! There truly is something for everybody to enjoy.

Customer Service is impeccable!

One of my favorite aspects of dining in at Zaxby's is the amount of care and effort that the staff puts in to ensure that their customers are receiving a quality experience. Employees will bring your food out to you when it is ready so you don't have to go through those embarassing moments of not hearing your order called, so your food sits going colder and colder by the second. Additionally, when my name was called once my order was ready, the employee mistakenly called me Daniel (which happens quite frequently to me). When the cashier who took my order heard this, he quickly corrected the other employee, which was not something that I was expecting based on previous experiences at other restaurants. The employees truly do make it their goal to provide a personal experience for each customer. 

Limited Time!

A Limited Time Special is currently active at Zaxby's that includes Caribbean Jerk boneless wings or a sandwich, which looks and smells delicious! Although I did not try it this trip, I'll definitely be back for it. At less than $7, this seems like a great deal to get a taste of the Islands and prepare us for warmer weather and vacations. 

 Another opportunity for Zaxby's customers to take advantage of is a contest in which customers who leave a Google review of this establishment are entered to win a signed Christian McCaffrey helmet from our very own Carolina Panthers! 

Zaxby's on Hillsborough Street frequently participates in percentage nights, in which student organizations such as Greek life or student clubs can partner with Zaxby's and receive 10% of the proceeds from a particular night to go towards their funds. 

And if all of this wasn't enough to convince you to get out of the house and go to Zaxby's for lunch or dinner, they currently have weekly specials (subject to change)! On Tuesday nights from 5-9pm, you can get 10 boneless wings for $4.99. That's only 50¢ each!! And on Wednesday nights from 5pm-9pm, kids can eat for free with the purchase of an adult meal. So the next time the kids are begging to eat out for dinner, why not treat yourself and your wallet too, and head to Zaxby's? 


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