Arthur Gordon is a well know Raleigh restauranteur who founded Irregardless Cafe on Feb 4, 1975 at 901 West Morgan Street, at the eastern end of the Hillsborough Street BID.

Born in Durham and a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, Arthur Gordon has innovated and been a step ahead of culinary and social trends – serving local produce, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free meals, recycling and going non-smoking decades before they became accepted trends. 

The Cafe offers top quality live musical entertainment every night of the week since it opened in 1975. Irregardless has won numerous awards for sustainability and hosts 10 thermal solar panels on its roof and founded The Well Fed Community Garden in 2012. The garden is a 1 ½ acre urban garden just 3 miles from the Cafe which grows organic produce served in the Cafe and for Catering meals. 

In 2015, Irregardless' off-site Catering Division took on it's own event venue – the Glenwood Club to serve the community's growing needs for corporate events, weddings and social gatherings. Arthur is married to Anya, who also works in the business, and they have three sons.

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