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Pullen Arts Center Renovation

Jud Griffin - Economic Research Assistant

After more than three years of hard work, the new and improved Pullen Park and Pullen Arts Center are once again open for community business.

Pullen Park Improvements Arial Image

Since 1961 the Pullen Arts Center has welcomed advanced and beginner artists to learn and discover new pieces in the newly renovated facilities and galleries. The arts center has provided local artists with learning programs in various mediums such as jewelry, glass, printmaking, pottery, and painting. 

Pullen Park

Renovations inside include a 60% increase in space for education and a 70% increase in multi-purpose facilities. The increased space will allow for the center to expand its programming capabilities. A new gallery display has been implemented along the building circulation path.

Much of the 6-million-dollar project budget was committed to renovating and expanding the art center’s indoor facilities. In addition, the project aims to increase park accessibility and update sanitary systems. Accessibility improvements include:

  • New bridal trail (orange) that provides pedestrian access to the park
  • New service roads (blue) link the Theatre in the Park (yellow), the art center (purple), and the Gregg Museum (red)
  • The Formal Garden (green) adjacent to the Gregg museum will be used for classes, events, and ceremonies
Pullen Park

The first phase of the project included tree protection installations and a silt fence; the project boasts that only three percent of the park’s trees were removed for the project. And according to the city of Raleigh, “trees will be replanted with an eye towards placing the right tree in the right place in an effort to minimize future infrastructure impacts and sustain the legacy of the Pullen Park landscape.”

The city of Raleigh provides a 360o virtual tour of the Pullen Arts Center. Register for classes here, or visit the center Monday through Thursday between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm or 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. 

Photographs by Chris Hondros are on display at the Gregg Museum.
Photographs by Chris Hondros are on display at the Gregg Museum.

Take advantage of the area's newly improved connectivity by visiting the Gregg Museum of Art next door. Program information or virtual tours can be found here. Or swing by the museum in person to see jaw-dropping photography from Pulitzer finalist, NCSU alumni Chris Hondros and larger-than-life works from José Bedia such as Somalian Prey. 

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